East to: Wind blowing wheat waves and glittering golden granules returned to the warehouse wheat busy

  At night, the south wind rose, and the wheat covered the Longhuang. Since mid -to -late May, the 10,000 acres of wheat in the east of Chizhou City has won a good harvest and has returned to warehouses one after another.

  "This new wheat is really good. The long grains are full and full …" On May 23, in Jiangxin Village, Jiangxin Village, Shengli Town, Mai Xiang, the county, 10,000 acres of wheat entered the peak of harvesting. Under the bird’s eye view, a magnificent harvesting scene is full of view: the golden wheat waves, a harvester shuttled back and forth; on the lively river, a truck took the wheat to the drying plant by steam .. …. "We seize the good weather, and the organization of 80 harvesters is going all out to ensure that the particles return to the position. It can complete the harvesting task in 5 days. The total output is expected to be 7,000 tons and the output value is nearly 19 million yuan." The instructor Ding Bangping was full of confidence. Ma Xuejun planted more than 500 acres of wheat this year, and the joy of harvest was overflowing with his dark face.

"It is expected that the yield per mu is 400 kilograms to 500 kg, an increase of 180 kilograms from previous years. The market price will increase to 1 yuan per kilogram compared to previous years.

"Ma Xuejun happily said, in addition to the good weather, in addition to the good weather, it benefited from the support of the east to the county’s full -chain of agricultural production. In order to ensure the safety of food and keep the red line of cultivated land, in recent years, the east to the county has increased agricultural grain food Plant subsidies, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, wheat insurance and other support policies, mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers to plant the planting enthusiasm through "Xinxin Pills", set up the food production leading group in the east to county to increase the area, optimize varieties, and strengthen scientific and technological management. The entire industrial chain such as species, management, collection, collection, addition, storage, and sales "has made every effort to enhance the" average benefits of acres "." Since this year, we have insisted on the introduction of new varieties, new technologies, new models, new equipment, and organized more than 100 people. Science and technology specialists and professional agricultural technicians, go deep into the fields’ diagnosis of pulse, carry out special operations of wheat giant mold disease prevention, strengthen scientific management of wheat fields, and provide accurate guidance services for more than 3,000 times. Wang Youxu, director of the Agricultural Technology Promotion Center in the East to County.

  In order to cope with the effects of weather and epidemic, ensure that the task of harvesting of wheat machines is efficiently completed, and the sales channels are unblocked. Our county moves early to deploy early and actively cooperates with meteorological, transportation, maritime and other departments to implement corresponding guarantee measures; timely coordinate 300 harvesters, etc. Agricultural machinery equipment; more than 40 drying plants in the county and several companies in low -risk areas in the province determine the acquisition relationship.

  "Grain security is the" big of the country ".

The county will always tighten the string of food safety, and truly implement the strategy of ‘hiding food in the ground, hiding food in the skills’ strategy.

Adjust the agricultural structure, protect the enthusiasm of farmers planting food, improve the farmers’ food income guarantee mechanism, and strive to ensure that the policy can keep capital, promote efficiency to promote efficiency, make farmers make more profits, have the Chinese rice bowls in their own hands. Essence The relevant person in charge of the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of the East to the County said.