[Tomato and Cabbage Soup]_Add Tomatoes_How to Make

[Tomato and Cabbage Soup]_Add Tomatoes_How to Make

Tomatoes and cabbage are the most common vegetables in our lives. The soup made with tomatoes and cabbage is very low, which is very suitable for people who lose weight. In addition, if you eat too much oil, occasionally drink some tomato and cabbage soup, which is also very good.It has a greasy effect, tastes sweet and sour, tastes good, and has an appetite promoting effect. In addition, his method is relatively simple. Let’s take a look at the method of tomato and cabbage soup.

Tomato cabbage soup material Chinese cabbage, tomatoes, chives, salt, chicken essence Practice 1, Wash and cut small pieces of Chinese cabbage, trying to separate the leaves.

2. Wash one or two tomatoes and cut into small dices for use.

3, after the oil temperature is suitable, first pour the hard part of Chinese cabbage and stir fry.

4. When five are ripe, pour tomatoes.

5. After the cabbage in the pot is roughly colored, add the remaining cabbage leaves and stir-fry.

6. Finally, add green onion, add salt, and season the chicken essence.

What are the benefits of eating tomatoes? There are many benefits to tomatoes. Eating more tomatoes in our lives can often bring the following changes.

1. For the treatment of skin diseases, peel the fresh and ripe tomatoes and smash the affected area after the seeds. 2?
3 times, can cure diabetes, infectious skin disease; 2, beauty, anti-aging Smash fresh and cooked tomatoes and take a trace of sugar, and use it every day to coat the surface, it can make the skin delicate and smooth, and the anti-aging effect is excellent;, Anti-cancer because of tomatoes or more nutrient-rich, and has alternative heat-clearing and detoxifying, inhibiting effects, insist on eating raw 1?
2A fresh ripe tomato can compress the effect of anti-cancer and adjuvant treatment of cancer; 4, choose 1 every morning for the treatment of hypertension?
2 fresh and ripe tomatoes dipped in sugar on an empty stomach to eat, the effect of lowering blood pressure is obvious; 5, for anemia, tomatoes, apples, 15 grams of sesame, eat once, eat 1?
2 times, long-term adherence, can cure anemia; 6, for patients with mild peptic ulcer, can be mixed with half a cup of squeezed tomatoes and potato juice, added once a day, morning and evening, even 10 times, the ulcer can be cured;