[Practice of Spiced Steamed Meat]_Spiced Spiced Steamed Meat_How to Make_How to Make

[Practice of Spiced Steamed Meat]_Spiced Spiced Steamed Meat_How to Make_How to Make

The steamed pork is a childhood memory of many people. The taste is very soft and waxy. The spiced steamed pork is also a very common food. The methods are simple and diverse.

The steamed pork is usually the most common pork belly, which has excellent taste.

What you need to pay attention to when making noodles and steamed meat is the step of marinating rice noodles.

Practice one.

Sliced pork belly 2.

Add seasonings to marinate into flavor 3.

Add rice flour and mix well, soak the dried lotus leaves slightly with water 4.

Spread lotus leaves on the steamer and marinate the pork belly (as far as possible to spread so that it can be heated) 5.

Steaming can be performed in about 40 minutes after SAIC.

Slice pork belly, add onion ginger, fragrant leaves, cooking wine, soy sauce, old soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and marinate for three hours.


Rice is crispy, fried in a wok. Add allspice when the rice is slightly yellow. Stir until the rice is yellow, turn off the heat, and cool slightly.


The marinated pork belly is evenly wrapped in rice noodles, boiled in water, and steamed for an hour and a half on high heat.


Sprinkle with green onions and bring out the pot.

Practice III 1.

Wash and slice small pork belly.

Marinate chicken powder with MSG soy sauce and white wine for several hours 3.

Pour spiced rice noodles.

It is convenient to buy rice noodles directly in the supermarket. You can also use a cooking machine to mix rice into powder and mix it with spiced powder 4

Fill all with rice noodles, and add 5 to the bowl.

According to your preference, you can pour sweet potatoes or potatoes 6 at the bottom.

Personally, spread some chili peppers on the pot, steam for 45 minutes, and sprinkle the garlic seedlings out of the pot.To taste, taro cut into pieces.

Because the steamed pork buns you bought already taste, be careful not to put too much salt. 2. Pour the steamed pork buns into half a bag on the marinated pork, so that they can be fully stirred evenly. 3. Take a large bowl and put theSpread the taro flat on the bottom, and then spread all the pork on the taro; 4. Steam it on the pan for at least 1 hour, and sprinkle the green onions before it comes out.