Yi Xian Qianxi divides the tone for the new album, Temperature Difference captures the emotional cues of the teenager

Yi Xian Qianxi divides the tone for the new album, “Temperature Difference” captures the emotional cues of the teenager
On December 20, Yi Xian Qianxi’s new album “Sense of Temperature Difference” was released.The album contains 13 songs, divided into three chapters of upper, middle and lower, including pure performances, trying to create a dream belonging to the 19-year-old Qianxi, each song corresponds to a certain state of Yixian Qianxi, full of imagination.It is reported that the tracks of the album “Temperature Difference” are divided into cool and warm tones, and the tones are divided by Yi Xi Qianxi himself. The co-authored songwriters include young artists such as He Jiale, Haneda, Taiichi, Wen Zhaojie, Liushuiji, Li Qinqiang, Wang Zi,Senior Chinese musicians such as Chen Jianqi, Chen Weilun, Mars Radio, Wang Zhiping, Zhu Jingran, Kenn participated in the production.Yi Xiqianxi also refined the keywords corresponding to his inner feelings when he divided the tone of the album, so as to achieve an audio-visual experience that can capture his emotional cues in the music.The album cover album “Temperature Difference” is full of movies and stories, and even music-like textures. It has rich orchestration. In addition to pianos, guitars, drums, instruments such as the Fruger, Guzheng, etc.It also covers British rock, R & B, electronic, string, most of the lyrics are presented in a montage style, and the entire album is full of picture from the production settings.For example, the song “Again, Again, Again,” was written by the singer Taiyi after watching the trailer of the movie “You, the Younger” through the imagination of Yi Xi Qianxi, and the producer Chen Jianqi gave chords in the arrangementExtension, presenting a state of constant self-questioning and self-doubt. The change in song speed and Yi Xian Qianxi’s singing mood fills the entire song with the texture of the soundtrack.Editor Tian Nie proofreading Liu Baoqing