Wang Yihua thought about it:“Ok!I know you have political resources,But I just don’t understand,You have such a big factory,Why do you want to be the village head?“

“This is called steamed buns。How much can I get as a village chief in a month,There are not as many odds as a manager of mine.。I became the village head,This is the glory of everyone in our old Wang family,Xiping Village is not surnamed Xia,It’s still surnamed Wang“When Wang Youfa said this,,Full of air。
Wang Yihua’s husband’s family is Lin,To put it bluntly, it is a foreign surname,So they are neither facing the Xia family in Xiping Village,Not towards the Wang family,It’s just that she had heard of the grievances of King Xia’s family from her mother-in-law.。
Looking at Wang Yihua who was lost in thought,Wang Youfa lowered his voice and said:“As long as the girl listens to me,Work well with me,The future of Xiping Village,But you and I have the final say”
That’s it for Wang Youfa,Cast an ambiguous eye to Wang Yihua。This Wang Yihua is here,Naturally understand what Wang Youfa’s eyes contain。She smiled and said:“I remember what you said,It’s late,You better go back!Aren’t there two others??You can also bring them together”
“Just one person,The two of them are insignificant”Wang Youfa said,Stood up。
Wang Yihua’s mother-in-law in the yard with a cane,Standing is majestic,She waited for Wang You to send away,She said to Wang Yihua:“Yihua!Our Lin family is our duty,This old Wang family is not a good thing from its roots,You should stay away from them”
“mom!Don’t worry,I am not a three year old,Can still be fooled by him”Wang Yihua said,He stretched out his hand to help the old woman walk towards the upper room。
the next day,Ouyang Hong sits in her office and thinks more and more angry,This Xiping Village is her main focus,Why is Secretary Wang arrogant?,Still in front of everyone,Hard nomination allows Wang Youfa to run for village chief,Later, he even got a deputy village head,Is this a bit too funny。
“Are you still angry about yesterday?”Deputy Mayor Zhao pushed the door and walked in,When he saw Ouyang Hong like this,And asked with a smile。
Ouyang Hong threw the pen in his hand on the table,She said angrily:“What do you think this is?Make me embarrassed in the public。Fortunately, Zhao Hong’s vote is one more vote than Wang You’s vote.,If it is true that the village chief of Xiping Village was elected by Wang Youfa,How do you sing my next play?”
“Ok!I also thought about this problem,Secretary Wang is so confused”Deputy Mayor Zhao nodded and said。
Suddenly the door of Ouyang Hong’s office was slammed open,Secretary Wang walked in angrily,He pointed at Deputy Mayor Zhao and shouted:“Who do you think is confused,You made it clear to me today”
Snapped!Ouyang Hong finally broke out,She slammed the stack of materials on the table,Then said loudly:“You are confused,Did Deputy Mayor Zhao make a mistake??”
Ouyang Hongfa has such a big temper,This is the first time in Pingyang Town,So Secretary Wang was also stunned by Ouyang Hong’s trick.,He said after a long while:“What to do?I’m afraid of you if you fall”