It is called Jing Zhawei to send.,Let’s take a look at it.。People are wealthy,Someone is serving it on weekdays.。The weather is hot.,Don’t wear clothes is comfortable.。”

Gao Bai looks to the eyes of A Shizuz,No desire,Only endless icy。
“Uh,When you are with your face??”
Zheng Minmin Face。Gao Baoyi’s eyes talking,It’s really not to step.。
“if not?I am so familiar with her.,Also avoid??What is my relationship with her?,You don’t know。”
Gao Baojing calmly asked。
Zheng Min sensitivity is the edge of the opponent already in anger,So gently nodded。Anyway,Amina jade is also playing Gao Baoyi,Which aspect is。
Zheng Minmin is a little bit sympathy.。This woman,Whenever a major choice,But always choose the worst option。Today, Gao Biyi, I want to put water.,Mind the child’s share of this woman。
Mei she follows the same,I don’t know how to cherish it.,The princess didn’t even know what he was wrong.!
Pity,There must be hateful。Since you can hate,That will definitely have someone to pack up,This is an unable arbitrary iron。
A long time later,Spring dissipation within the military account,Gao Bo Yi issued a satisfactory sigh。
“If a person is only three-point energy,Then don’t want to do five points.,Even very things。
Your child,It is a big knife。Look at you today waiting for me to pay attention to the heart,Previous rude,I don’t care about you.。”
“Fulfill”Later,Gao Bo Yi has dressed clothes。He patted his shot on the white shoulders of A Shiza’s white.:“finish dressing,Waiting outside the military camp,I write a letter,You sent it to Yu Wen,Take it。”
A Shi Nazza, who is squatting on the markete bed nodded,Her heart has been numb。
Have been humiliated to be humiliated,There is no strength of a little resistance.,Things that have happened numerous times,Happen once again。Own response,Even no progress。Even if you resist more than a while?,Why is it so guilty??
She dragged her soft body,Tough dress,Long hair is sticky on the cheek,The flush is not completely dissipated to now。
Amina Yuz does not know what he thinks,Her brain went to Qijun’s big warehouse,I have encountered the personal old man who came to him.,I didn’t say hello。
It’s just that there is no God who looks at Qi Jun’s flagpole.。
soon,Zheng Minmin Shiran out of the camp,Hand up aqueous paint just baked bamboo tube to A Shina。
“Please go back,Gao Zhaoxuan also has a lot of military offices。See everyone,I advise you,Pass the letter to Yu Wen,Don’t be self-satisfied。
Gundorcarison should not give you a next chance.。”
Finish,She also didn’t care about A Shiza,Turn your head。
Qi Jun Daging,Gao Boyi sits in a wheelchair,Run Zheng Minmin is pushing。Although he has now restored the body,Do not,It should be said that it has been restored several days ago.,But still decided to keep this kind of gesture that can be or moving。
Do some people,Also test a big army,Who is not firm enough?。
“I used to think,One day husband and wife。She gave birth to my child.,How much will be a bit couple。I can’t move it.,Often people will have a heart,The result is not the case。”
Gao Bao is sighing,Continue to say:“So say that people are not able to test,Only a firm person can maintain your heart in a complex situation,Not lost。
I follow her.,Fate。”
Zheng Minmin felt that Gao Boyi said that this is a bit fake.,But detailed,Amina’s identity is not simple。Because of the intentional and men and women,I will definitely turning face due to benefits。
Starting from A Shizuzi to the high-altitude of Gao Bao……She slowly went to the road of destruction。Even if you don’t die,I will never be better in the future.。Even Gao Bo Yi does not deal with her,Yu Wenzhen will not let her have a good time。
“you say,Why can’t she grasp the opportunity??
Yu Wenxian asked her,She should be angry with the monarch,Or want to avoid self-help。
When I asked her when she wants to go back,She should say,Willing to be Wang Qi for a lifetime,Then,Although the freedom is lost,But can protect dignity and face。
And this time,She can’t wait to go out,Just hope that I can open a road,Let her return to the grassland。
just now,Even if she cares about me,Looking at the child,I will not let her return to Changan City.。