Three o’clock in the afternoon,Xia Jian appeared in the reception room of the municipal government on time,Wang Youdao said to Xia Jian with an angry look:“Mayor Huang is the mayor of the city,Xia Jian is not yours alone,You come to him so often,Let him work?”

Xia Jian got angry when he saw this guy,Look at him again,More angry,Really want to punch him。But when Guo Meili said two things to him during dinner, he remembered。
So Xia Jian suppressed his temper,Hehe smiled and said:“What Secretary Wang said is pretty good。Our venture group invests in Pingdu,Also for the sake of the people of the city,So what I asked for Mayor Huang,Not my personal business,It’s the people of the city”
“Just quibble!Say!What’s the matter?”Wang Youdao roared a little impatiently。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Secretary Wang,Some things can’t be told to you,So you should stop listening,Hurry up to report,Otherwise I will find him myself”
“You are such a rascal!“Wang Youdao scolded,But he got up and left。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but smile secretly,Deal with such people,Can only use this method,Otherwise follow the rules,He may not have a great chance of meeting Mayor Huang。
“Give you ten minutes to talk,If you don’t talk about credibility,Don’t come again next time“Wang Youdao opened the door,Shouted at Xia Jian with an angry look。
It’s not you who have the final say,Xia Jian thought this way,Follow Wang Youdao into Mayor Huang’s office。
What Huang Ting is reviewing,He waited for Wang Youdao to retreat,Just raised his head,The cold Xia Jian said:“Speak!what’s up?“
“Let Ouyang Hong resume work“Xia Jian also said coldly。
Slap,Huang Ting threw the pen in his hand on the table,He stared at Xia Jian and shouted:“who are you?Are you qualified to ask me to do this?“
“I am the general manager of the venture group,Pingyang Town’s leisure agriculture is what we invest in,Now it’s the closing stage,You suspended the leader in charge of this project,Seriously affected the progress of the entire project,If within three days,Ouyang Hong is not at work yet,We divest“Although Xia Jian’s voice is not loud,But the same firm tone。
Huang Ting’s mouth twitched twice,Say coldly:“You threaten me?“