So long,Xuan Ge’s character has been recognized by everyone.,If you can work in Shenxuan’s hand,What is it will not be bad?。

and,Trusted every day and a group of animals,It is definitely more comfortable to deal with people.。
“Our zoo is indeed recruiting a batch of employees.,If you want to come,Can give me a resume first,There is a detailed information!”
Shen Xuan also noticed that the barrage said,Immediately,“Waiting for us to make a detailed plan tomorrow,Can you know which talents you need?!”
“By the time,What can I notify you can come?!”
Have a word,People in live broadcasts are more excited.。
“I,I,I am going to prepare your resume now.!”
“Xuan Ge,look at me,I want to be your subordinate。”
“Really recruiting people,Just give me some money,I first go!”
Xuan Ge said,People who want to register all the same as crazy,Everything is coming.。
“Don’t worry,Take your resume。”
Shen Xuan smiled slightly,Conscientiously,He is also clear,Don’t look at these people are coming.,But waiting for them when they come,I definitely start hesitating。
Can have more than a dozen people, even if you come over.。
Here is just a rural area.,More than county town and Jiangzhou,I can’t compare those first-line big cities.。
The environment is very good,But other aspects of infrastructure are still very backward。
“But you have to think about it.,Our zoo is in the village,If you have any problems, you must have to worry.,It’s just that the conditions are in the city.,in addition,It is not so convenient to go out.,You have to consider good。”
Shen Xuan seriously reminded a sentence,The employee he wants to recruit is sincere in the zoo.,Not three days of fishing,Two days, the net is going to run!
“Right,If you go, you can’t often come out.。”
“Then said that,I usually not even have a cup of milk tea.。”
“Takers have not eaten,I can only eat meals.!”
“You,Milk tea and takeaway are hurt,Every day, the food is good to be good.!”
“What do you know,Milk tea and takeaway are my life,No,There is still a look at the days.!”
“Wage estimates will not be particularly high.,So much,It seems that this treatment is not very good.!”
Be said by Xuan Ge,Hundreds of people in the live stream began to play the drum。
NS227Secting plan
Although modern people are more tired of urban life,I want to be like Shen Xuan,Life in the countryside。
But after weigh,They will hesitate again。
Countryside means daily life law,During the night, there is no fried chicken and barbecue.,Usually eat all the farm food,Can not be as convenient in the city,What to eat,Take a mobile phone one button,Can solve all problems。
“so what,You have to think about it clearly,Think,I will show me a resume.!”
Shen Xuan smiled slightly,Speak out:“The requirements of our zoo are not high.,As long as the heart is kind,Willing to learn,Wenyi hard work,You can!”
“Yes,Can work with Xuan Ge every day,Communicate with small animals,Is this work not good??”
Xue Qing said with a smile.。
“come quickly,Join our team,Struggle with us。”
Wu Xiuxiu clenched his fist,Loudly。
“Xuan Ge,Does the request really high??”
“I am a college student.,Do you want me??”
“The college students are too hot.,This year,Is the undergraduate??”