The drama "Tiankeng asked"

"Tiankeng asked" premiere scene.

(Reporter for Figure) Xiake Village is almost isolated from the world because of the surrounding mountains.

On a hovering wall, the secretary of the party branch of Xiake Village and the villagers took the shovel, and a shovel was struggling to open a road … this is a scene in the drama "Tiankeng asked".

  On June 15th, the drama "Tiankeng asked" at the Shu Nanka Theater premiere, the actors from the Chongqing City Theater use exquisite acting, and bring the audience back to the battle to poverty, and pursue a struggle scene of a beautiful life.

  According to reports, as Chongqing has built a well-off society around a well-off society, the decisive battle of the creative drama, "Tiankeng asked" with the "National Defius" honorary title, Wushan County Zhuxian Countryside Zhuang Village Party Branch secretary, the director of the village committee, Mao Xianglin led the deeds of the villagers to repair the road to the prototype, changed in time and space, reflecting that the Chongqing people do not rely on the road to poverty poverty and get rich, Times drawing. It is reported that "Tiankeng asked" has been submitted by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Culture and Tourism Commission to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Chongqing Celebration of the Communist Party of China and the party history and education excellent stage repertoire, will face the Chongqing District county tour. (Reporter Liu Yiye) (Editor: Chen Yi, Zhang Wei).